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After almost 25 years in Banking/Financial Services management, I returned to higher education in 2000 to study for an Information Systems Design degree and then completed post-graduate PhD research.

BSc (Hons) ISD

I gained my BSc (Hons) ISD degree in 2003, at UCLan:.  My Web pages include some elements:

PhD Computing

My PhD Computing research focused on information integration in Web environments, using Semantics-based search with "Semantic Web" technologies such as RDF/XML, RDF Schema and OWL Web Ontology Language in the Semantic Web. I completed my PhD in 2010

My semantics-based Web search work included Java programming, using the Jena Ontology API framework, to develop an Ontology-enabled application.  In effect, I created a prototype "semantic search engine" - the key elements were:


I have experience in databases: from MS Access to MySQL, MS SQL Server 2000/08/12, and Oracle 8i/11g database management systems.

I have used the Oracle 11g OEM and the Oracle Forms/SQL Developer tools and I teach an advanced database systems module at UCLan.

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2 Scientific American: The Semantic Web: Web content meaningful to computers.


Until recently, I was a lecturer in the Computing Department at UCLan, where I taught Advanced Database Systems and Database Administration using Oracle 11g, Systems Analysis & Design, and project-based Professional Skills.

These Web pages cover a range of elements: my computing and related studies/research, some Web-design projects, and my personal interests. 

Lighter and more interesting content, relates to my interest in railways (both model railways and their protoypes in Europe and North America) and hillwalking.

I have hillwalked in the Pennines, The Lake District, and Scotland. I have walked in Switzerland (many times), and trekked in the Nepal Himalaya. Switzerland has provided a perfect combination, offering both excellent Swiss railways and mountains.

Last, but not least, I am a life-long supporter of Stoke City FC.

Banks v Pele


Projects have involved various programming languages and applications, including XHTML, CSS, Active Server Pages (ASP and ASP.NET), PHP, Python, Javascript, Flash, SQL, and C++.

I have also used C# to create an online European Railways (UIC) EVN VKM locomotive and vehicle number classification system tool. 


I have walked extensively in the Pennines, the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands and Switzerland - this has included over 60 Scottish Munros and over 100 Cumbrian tops. I have completed the Pennine Way, Coast to Coast, and West Highland Way - long distance walks.

I have also trekked in the foothills and mountains of the Nepal Himalaya, having reached the summit of Mera Peak (6476m) in 1990 and trekked to Langtang in 1991.

This photo epitomises the joy of hillwalking in the great outdoors; it shows the rugged terrain and wilderness surrounding Lochnagar - as shown in a pictorial diary of two days hillwalking in the Scottish Highlands, near Braemar - in August 2003.


I have a life-long interest in Railways, both model and prototype.

View my photo gallery showing British OO gauge and European/North American HO/HOm gauge models - and railway exhibition layouts.

Also included are photos of protoype British and European railways - including heritage operations. 

I have an American HO (1:87) scale layout (29th Street Wharf) that I have substantially re-developed; by extension and replacement of trackwork and point controls, re-modelling of industrial and harbour-side themes, and conversion to digital command control (DCC) sound-enabled systems.

29th Street Wharf

I have recently created two new layouts.  The first, a US O-scale (1:48) layout (Arcadia Pennsylvania Terminal), focused on the era 1960s to 1980s and also featuring sound-enabled locomotives; the second, a British, OO (1:76) scale layout "Clayton End Signalman" that will present cameos of the periods circa 1950s/70s and 1980s onwards.

All three layouts are booked to be regularly exhibited at UK Model Railway shows, ranging from Perth in Scotland, the North West of England, through to the Midlands, South West, and the South East.

My "real-world" interests are Swiss and UK railways, including the Swiss Rhätische Bahn in the Graubünden region. I have two railway related blogs - WebTrain Savvy and @TheWebTrain.

Ge 4/4iii loco at Chur

I have been a member of the Swiss Railways Society and also the RMweb community.

My ambitions are to travel on the Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) and journey through the Canadian Rockies!

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