UIC/ERA European Vehicle Number Classification System - Railway Motive Power

UIC/ERA Railway Numbering Information

The UIC/ERA's European Vehicle Number (EVN) and Vehicle Keeper Marking (VKM) classifications are used to provide a unique international railway vehicle identifier. The classification system format comprises the numeric EVN (below), e.g. "91 81 1044 246-7" and the alpha VKM (e.g. "A-OBB").

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How to use this EVN ID Form

This form can be used by Railway Modellers to generate UIC identifiers. The form has data for motive power only (e.g. diesel, electric, steam locos, DMUs and EMUs).

1. Input loco's Interoperability/Tractive Mode (a), Country (b), and Keeper/Operator (d) using the list boxes. Then enter the Country's power type in (c), e.g. a German electric is '6', OR select 'Germany: Electric = 6' from the 'Power Type' list box.

2. Enter locomotive class and serial no. e.g. 186 243 in fields (d) & (e). NB: put 1st digit of any 4-digit class number in field (c).

3. Click 'Generate EVN-VKM ID' button: it executes and displays the check-digit algorithm.  The full UIC EVN-VKM numeric identifier (including check-digit) and Keeper/Operator alpha code is generated in the yellow panel.

EVN-VKM Components

EVN-VKM Outputs


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Note: The programmer "can not accept liability" for incorrectly formed numbers.