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Database Download sources.

Here is a selection of useful downloads. Please note that most of them are shareware sources and therefore you should expect to pay a small registration fee for the software.

Database Designer Enterprise Edition 9.0

Size: 4.27 MB

OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Database Designer is an easy-to-use tool for designing and developing standalone custom commercial database applications. No programming experience is required. Design and distribute your own personal database with just a few clicks of the mouse. With simple-to-use math functions that are similar to those used in spreadsheets, you can add, subtract, multiply, or divide fields.

Other features include the ability to export your database to HTML, a text file, or a database text file. With the new e-mail field, you can store e-mail addresses and send e-mail with the built-in e-mail client. New features in the latest version include a report designer, charting abilities, and database encryption.

Version 9.0 features multi-reports and smoother, smaller compiled applications.

Database Gate 1.5

Size: 157 KB

OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Database Gate is a program to connect to every kind of database using ODBC.

You can write and execute queries, create, alter or drop tables, execute stored procedures, get information about all the objects in the database, the columns list/primary or foreign keys/indexes of a table with the Object and Table browser.

Database Gate allows you to connect to different kind of database at the same time and helps you in editing, there are useful shortcuts to minimise the writing of standard SQL statements. You also have custom shortcuts; by using the macro keys. The Syntax Highlighting helps you in writing your SQL statements.

Database Gate needs only ODBC 32 bit support installed in the system.

Database Design Studio Lite

Size: 5.97 MB

OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000

Database Design Studio allows you to design, create, query, and edit databases.

It includes an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) editor, which supports the full Chen ER model, and can automatically create a Data Structure Diagram (DSD). It also allows for project management of database files, and supports ANSI, Ingres, InterBase, Informix, SQLBase, MicroSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DBMS, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Java (with JDBC) source code.

Included are SQL scripts for automatically populating a database, and a fully integrated Java edit, build, and run environment.

Database Program for Microsoft Excel 8.0

Size: 596.68 KB

OS: Windows 95/98/NT/2000

This Database program is a popular download.

This is a general all purpose Database Spreadsheet Program with Integrated Dynamic Charting Capabilities. It will support both multiple independent and dependent databases (linked sheets) in a single workbook.

It was designed for simple functionality and incorporates an easy-to-use interface for both experienced and non-experienced database users. A user can simply manage the data and also create impressive Data Analysis reports utilizing the built-in reporting features.

Access 2000 Database Property Editor 1.0

Size: 65.3 KB

OS: Windows 95/98

This utility allows you to edit a Microsoft Access 2000 database's startup up properties without having to open the database directly.

The utility allows you to set up to 5 database startup properties and is intended for Microsoft Access 2000 developers. The properties that can be edited with this utility can, in some cases, lock you out from altering the design of your database. If you are faced with this situation, you can quickly edit the database's startup properties without having to import all the objects into a new database file.

The utility also allows you to set the 'AllowByPassKey' option on a database, useful if you intend to distribute your database.

Intranet Database Assistant 1.5

Size: 1.01 MB

OS: Windows 95/NT

Intranet Database Assistant (IDBA) is a Web database server that allows you access from a PC using HTML.

Using IDBA, you can create intranet Web pages that use your database and build forms to enter and compile data in your database. IDBA requires existing SQL knowledge.

Database Commander 1.0

Size: 8.17 MB

OS: Windows 95/98/NT

Database Commander is a universal command and control console for working with almost any database.

Commander is designed to let you see your data and relationships in the data and features include: browse any data file; send selections out to new databases; convert types and formats; search using a More Like This option; harvest data from Web sites; calculate statistics; search with flexible criteria and tradeoffs; perform SQL queries even on text files; analyze data without programming; chart with groups; find duplicates; browse and edit ODBC databases; and recalculate fields without update queries.

DataBase Assistant 1.02

Size: 1.74 MB

OS: Windows 95/NT

DataBase Assistant is designed to aid database administrators or programmers with the management of Oracle through the extraction, generation, and manipulation of SQL scripts.

No longer will you spend your time checking to see if your source still matches your developmental instance before you move it to production. This program allows you to view the space remaining in a tablespace and correct any problem before space runs out. DataBase Assistant gets information straight from Oracle catalogues - so that it's always current.

The following links provide access to software and updates for Microsoft and Oracle Databases.

Oracle Downloads

Download Oracle Products, Drivers, and Utilities. However, please note that you will need to be a member of the Oracle Technology Network.

The good news is that Membership is Free! If you aren't already a member visit the registration page and sign up for free Web membership. We think you'll find it worth the time.

Microsoft Access Download Centre

Download Microsoft Access Software Updates, Snapshot Viewer, Upsizing Tools, wizards, service packs.