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Welcome to Norm's Database Normalisation Web Site
developed by UCLAN students: Andy Owen, David George, Greg Laidler and Jo Coleman.


This site is dedicated to providing an insight into the mechanics of Databases - what they are, how they are structured and, most importantly, what activities need to be undertaken to create an efficient and effective database - in short the process of Normalisation.

We hope that you will find the site useful.

What additional support is provided?

Well, Norm - that's him up on the left - has a range of support for you.

Try the Glossary section to get detailed explanations of all the technical terms that you are likely to encounter.

Alternatively, click on the Search button at the top left of every page to instantly track down any words contained within the site.

Other Resources

For additional information about databases and Normalisation, we've included a set of links to other web sites - try the Web Links page for further information.

Our Help section will provide you with additional support relating to how to quickly get answers to issues regarding identifying site locations and contacting other users. We also have a useful section in our Download page where weíve found some useful items of software to use.


So, how is this site structured?

The essential components are the Theory sections and the Interactive Exercise pages.

Our aim is to, firstly, give you an opportunity to understand the key elements of the subject and then, secondly, give you the chance of testing your knowledge or understanding.

Hopefully, in a short time you will have a clear understanding of terms like 1NF, One to Many and many other issues that are required knowledge if you intend to design and build effective databases.

Contact with other students.

Norm's Discussion Board provides you with an opportunity to find out information from fellow web site visitors.

Let's face it, there are always issues that don't make sense first time around and we don't promise to find every answer for you. Speak to others for assistance or even help them along aswell!


And finally..

For an overview of what is available across the site click on the Site Map hyperlink at the top right of each page to view the layout of Norm's Normalisation.

If you have any issue regarding the site then you can contact the team by visiting the Contact page.