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          1. How is the term First Normal Form abbreviated?
a)  1NormForm      
b)  1stNF
c)  1NF
d)  NF1

          2. What is Normalisation?
a)  Used for designing Flat File databases
b)  The process used to design a database in the most efficient way
c)  A primary key  

          3. A database is in First Normal Form if...?
a) does not contain repeating attributes/groups
b) is in First Normal Form and no column that is not part of a primary  key is dependent on only a portion of the primary key
c) contains no 'non-key dependencies
d)  None of the above


          4. When removing repeating data, what must be included in the new table?
a)  Any attribute from the original table
b)  A Foreign Key from the master table
c)  Nothing from the master table
d)  The Primary Key from the master table
e)  At least two attributes from the master table


          5. What must all linked tables have in common?
a)  relationship
b)  a key
c)  an attribute
d)  nothing


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