database development

My Database Experience

This page provides some background about database work undertaken, including during my BSc and PhD activities.

For 6 years, until 2019, I was an associate lecturer at UCLan, teaching advanced database systems, using Oracle 11g and its Enterprise Manager interface (OEM).

Database Management Systems (DBMS)

  • Database Systems

    Experience of Oracle 11g (including OEM Database Console, SQL Developer and Forms/Reports Developer), Oracle 8i and Oracle Forms Developer 6, MySQL, SQL Server 2000/2008/2012, and MS Access 2000.
  • Query Languages

    SQL - e.g. using Oracle SQL*Plus and displaying basic employee table.
  • Oracle Implementation

    Oracle Forms Developer - a set of user interfaces developed for Student Records Administration.
  • PHP

    phpMyAdmin and MySQL Workbench 6.0 CE.
  • SQL Server

    SQL Server Management Studio.

Procedural and Structured Query Language

  • Programming involving SQL and PL\SQL.
  • Use of structured queries in PHP, ASP and ASP.NET (using C# and VB.NET).
  • Use of Dreamweaver MX and Visual Studio 2010.

Semantics-based Information Retrieval Test Data


This section contains links to some examples of test data (both online and via a document corpus) for use in semantically enhanced search engine research comparisons where, by specifying search keywords and then comparing basic keyword-based text retrieval versus ontology-based query expanded search (see Information Retrieval and Semantic Web), improved results might be obtained.

Online Test Data

Each page contains a small set of text relating to either sea travel or air travel. OWL ontologies have been created for testing in an Ontology-based query expansion process (OQE), so that semantically related pages (containing terms that may be semantically related to initial search query terms) may be identified, retrieved and measured in terms of precision and recall.

Some examples of the 100 page online "database" of Sea, Air and Tourism ontology-exploited test Web pages:


Corpus of Test Data

The online testing of Web data was then replaced by a signicantly more extensive test search. Experiments were then conducted using the TREC WT2g document corpus and assessed using predetermined query-relevant judgements. The 2GB corpus contained the content of approximately 250,000 Web pages.


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