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Web Development

This page provides some background about Web site development work undertaken during my BSc


Saturn Online

A pseudo PC and Peripherals Supplier.

This Web-site contains an online product catalogue - featuring multiple display functionality, customer account creation and maintenance, together with a shopping cart process.

The sales process was developed from a State Transition Network diagram (STN).  This provided the basis for the Shopping Cart functionality, which was developed using Macromedia Dreamweaver© UltraDev™.  A copy of the database model (DBM), created to support the sales database, is also available.

The STN and DBM images were generated using Microsoft© Visio™web-publishing and applying reverse-engineering processes.


BlackBoard Message Board

Images of a message board constructed using ASP and an Access database.

It was fully functional, with facilities to allow members to administer their account password and preferences, select message icons, and a Webmasters admin section.


SuperNorm's Normalisation

A "distance-learning" project about database "normalisation".

The site discusses the concepts and types of databases and then provides an explanation of the normalisation process to enable efficient access and storage of data in a relational database.  The primary focus is on 1NF to 3NF, although 4-7NF are covered briefly.

Student understanding is reinforced via a series of exercises.

The site was developed using notepad, and a combination of Dreamweaver© UltraDev™, Fireworks™, Flash™ and Microsoft© FrontPage™.



A simple prototype online Garden Centre, developed on a "rustic" theme.

This site contains the basic elements to promote a garden centre.  Whilst there is an ordering facility, there is no shopping cart functionality; however, the template could provide the basis for future development.


Braemar and Lochnagar

A pictorial diary of two days hillwalking in the Scottish Highlands around Braemar and Balmoral.


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