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A summary of activies related to my studies

Ph.D. Ontology Models and Files

This section provides access to both digital ontology models and OWL files related to the research experimentation summarised in the Semantic Web page.

The Ontology gallery displays high-level digital images, for each OWL Ontology model. The ontology OWL files can be obtained directly below:

Ph.D. Thesis, Presentations, Papers and Poster

  • "Examining the Application of Modular and Contextualised Ontology in Query Expansions for Information Retrieval", Thesis, September 2010, pdf.
  • "Using OWL Contexts and OQE to Improve Web Document Search Precision and Recall", Journal submission paper, January 2010, pdf.
  • "An Ontology-based Semantic Web Search Engine to improve Precision and Recall", poster presented at Faculty of Science and Technology Annual Research Conference, UCLan, 18 June 2008, jpg.
  • "Semantic Web and Efficient Reuse of Ontology Modules", presentation, MSc CO3701 Advanced Database Systems Research Topics, 5 March 2008, ppt.
  • "Geographical Ontology Modules for Efficient Semantic Web Reuse", presentation, Ordnance Survey Research Labs, Southampton, 28 June 2007, ppt.
  • "Ontology Modules by Layering - Facilitating Reuse in a Geographical Semantic Web Context", presentation SEVENTH Conference of Dept. of Computing, UCLan, 20 June 2007, ppt.
  • "MSc Database Systems Research Topics",  presentation, MSc Database Systems, 23 March 2007, ppt.
  • "CO3709 Research Topics in Computing 2007",  presentation, BSc Research Topics, 6 March 2007, ppt.
  • "Developing Ontologies based on RDF-OWL Semantic Web languages", presentation to Graduate School How-to@2, UCLan, April 2006, pps.
  • "Semantic Web, Ontology Integration, and Web Query", presentation at Dept. of Computing Seminar, UCLan, March 2006, pps.
  • "Developing "Geo" Ontology Layers for Web Query", presentation to Graduate School Conference, UCLan, December 2005, ppt.
  • "Understanding Structural and Semantic Heterogeneity in the Context of Database Schema Integration", In Proceedings of the SIXTH Conference in the Dept. of Computing, (Journal of the Dept. of Computing, UCLan, Issue Number 4, pp. 29-44, ISSN 1476-9069), May 2005, pdf. Citations: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8].
  • "Schema and Semantic Heterogeneity in Database Schema Integration", presentation, SIXTH Conference of Dept. of Computing, UCLAN, May 2005, ppt.
  • "Data Modelling for Data Integration", research topics presentation, March 2005, ppt.
  • "Information Dynamics, Perspectives, and Risks", short paper,  February 2005, pdf.

B.Sc. (Hons) Information Systems Design written work

  • "Object-Oriented Databases", short paper, March 2003, pdf.
  • "The evolution of intranets: an evaluation of change, implementation strategy and roles in organisations deploying intranets", mini paper, November 2002, pdf.
  • "Information Systems, Change & Motivation ", short paper, March 2002, pdf.
  • "The Data Protection Act 1998", summary of presentation, October 2000, doc.

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