Programming Examples

This page provides some examples of programming work undertaken - including during my BSc and PhD activities. Some of the BSc stuff is quite trivial!


  • SemSeT

    A Java Jena-based interface has been developed for experimentations in Semantic Web-based information retrieval research**.
  • Graphics

    Java provides an excellent cross-platform, object-oriented development language.  The Mouse & Button Event programs and Drawing & Input Box Java techniques demonstrate simple functionality using Java Applets.
  • Beetle Game

    View the Beetle Drive game application.  This application is fully functional and allows up to 4 players to compete.  Each player throws a dice and has to score a six - to get off the mark.
  • Animation

    Animation represented by a Bouncing Ball .


  • Video clips

    A graphics demonstration of how Flash can be used to demonstrate download progress and presentation of different JPEG images and video clips - including the control of video clips.  This program also provides an example of Flash Dynamic Drawing functionality.
  • UFO

    Something completely different - a mouse tracking demonstration using both graphical and text-based feedback to the user.  There is no obvious structure to this page - just browse around with your mouse cursor.  Watch the UFO and see how it accelerates and slows down, depending on proximity to the mouse, as you approach one of the hyperlinks.  X,Y co-ordinates, time elapsed and ufo status are displayed.
  • User feedback

    View an "alternative" web-page "preload" demonstration that again uses graphical and text-based feedback to manage user expectations, whilst an image file is being downloaded.

Active Server Pages (ASP and ASP.Net)

  • ASP

    ASP has been used to support customer product selection and order functionality in a pseudo commercial web site.  ASP delivered dynamic HTML content, based on an 'Access' database, OLEDB connection strings and appropriate SQL procedures.
  • Online Shopping

    View the Saturn Online website ASP functionality - including site search, product catalogue, shopper accounts and shopping cart.

VB 6.0

  • Commonwealth Games Portal

    Visual Basic was used to develop a prototype pseudo Commonwealth Games 2002 events ticketing and information system (cogmis.exe zip file 1.4MB).


  • Integrated Development Envirnments (IDE)

    IDEs provide increasingly productive tools to develop dynamic content in database-driven web pages - using both Dreamweaver and Visual Studio 2010 IDEs.

C# and C++


    View an ASP.NET C# based European Railways (UIC) EVN-VKN locomotive and vehicle number classification system.
  • C++

    C++ has been used in BSc studies, to develop basic, stand-alone executables.


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